Orthopedic and Spine Positioning Accessories

Bean Bag Overlay

  • Provides skin protection and pressure reduction for Lateral positioning in conjunction with all types of bean bag devices.
  • Made of the same next-generation, high performance polyurethane foam as found in the PrimePad Series of Anti-Skid Pads for Trendelenburg, reverse-Trendelenburg and lateral positioning.
  • Dimensions of 38” x 40” x 1” covers entire bean bag surface and allows maximum overlay coverage.
  • Helps protect against nerve injury, compartment syndrome and pressure ulcers.
  • Stored in compressed format which lowers shipping
    costs and reduces storage space requirements.

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Case Pack : 6
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Arm Board Pads

  • Single patient use arm board pad set for patient positioning and pressure reduction.
  • Soft foam with appropriate density provides support and reduced pressure to the patient.


Case Pack : 20 sets

Universal Positioning Pillow

  • Unique, adjustable single-patient-use foam positioner for a wide variety of surgical applications.
  • Eliminates risk of cross-contamination and dermatological reaction to cleaning residue.
  • Provides a superior alternative to rolled towels, bandages, blankets, sheets, I.V. bags, etc.
  • Density of foam provides support with reduced risk of pressure-related tissue injury.
  • Texture of foam decreases patient slippage.
  • Flat bottom increases stability.
  • Removable layers provide adjustability.
Providing a Better Way

Consistency and standardization are the keys to patient safety when positioning patients for surgical procedures. Prime Medical’s Universal Positioning Roll safely and reliably supports the patient in multiple positions, bringing standardization to positioning for a wide variety
of surgical procedures.

The design, density and texture of the foam provide stability and support, while the removable bottom layers allow the clinician to adapt the AAR100 to the patient and procedure. Use of the AAR100 eliminates the need for rolled towels, blankets, I.V. bags, etc., which are not positioning devices, or gel rolls which require cleaning between surgical cases.

Because the AAR100 is single-patient-use, the risk of cross-contamination from reusable positioners is eliminated. So, too, is the risk of a dermatological reaction to a cleaning solution residue. By removing the need for a cleaning protocol, patient safety is enhanced and OR time is saved.

The AAR100 is your consistent, safe and universal surgical positioning solution.


Horizontal Scapular Roll: Neck surgery – thyroidectomy, para thyroidectomy, radical neck dissection, internal jugular vein central line placement

aar100 fig 2 onside

Axillary Roll: Lateral positioning – CV/thoracic, orthopaedic, nephrectomy

aar100 roll-neck

Vertical Scapular Roll: Median sternotomy; Subclavian central line placement

aar 100 roll-foot

Foot/Ankle Prop: Podiatric surgery

aar 100 roll-hip

Left Lateral Tilt: Caesarean section

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US Patent # 9,161,642

12.5” long x 4.5” wide x 4.75” high
(.75” tear-away layers)
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Perineal Post

  • Relieves pressure in the perineal area during orthopedic fracture cases requiring
    mechanical traction.
  • Single patient use pad provides ease of use and reduced risk of cross contamination.
  • 12″ by 3.5″

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Case Pack : 40

Wheelchair Convoluted Foam Pad

  • Single patient use foam pad for patient positioning in shoulder procedures utilizing a beach chair, as well as pressure reduction during wheelchair transportation.
  • Soft foam with appropriate density provides protection and reduced pressure to the patient.
  • Dimensions: 3.5” x 16” x 18”


Case Pack : 12

Foot Prop Pads

  • Single patient use foot prop pads for stable leg positioning at any degree of flexion for multiple procedures.
  • Under the drape placement offers static fixation of drape foam interface for non-slip positioning.

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Case Pack : 10 sets

Jackson Table Rail Pads

  • Single patient use set of rail pads (2-20” pads, 2-6”pads), compatible with most spine tables.
  • Tear-off sections allow for adjustability in the length of the pads to accommodate various patient body habitus.


Case Pack : 10 sets

McGuire Positioner Pad System

  • 4 piece single-patient use pad set for McGuire lateral positioning system.
  • 2 anterior viscoelastic pads for adjustable arms, 1 posterior pad and 1 hip pad with peel-away adhesive for additional stability.


Case Pack : 5 sets

Laminectomy Arm Cradle Set

  • Set of 2 laminectomy arm cradles reduce pressure at bony prominences and decrease risk of pressure ulceration.
  • Allows for optimal patient positioning.
  • Also used in conjunction with arm-tucking during robotic-assisted Trendelenburg positioning cases for protection of ulnar nerve and stability of the arms.


Case Pack : 20 sets

Eye Center Pillow

  • Single patient use head positioner for opthalmological procedures.
  • Provides stability for the patient’s head and uses soft forehead and chin straps for additional security and comfort.
  • Velcro material on bottom of pillow attaches to head rest on procedure table for optimal patient positioning and comfort.


Case Pack : 10

Rolled Foam Positioners

  • Single patient use 17” x 4.75” foam roll for a variety of patient positioning options.
  • Soft foam with appropriate density provides support and reduced pressure to the patient.


Case Pack : 12

Peg Board Covers

  • Single patient use set of peg board covers for use with peg boards during lateral positioning. 
  • Soft foam with appropriate density provides support and reduced pressure to the patient.


Case Pack : 6 Sets of 6 Covers