Anesthesia Positioners

Universal Positioning Pillow

  • Unique, adjustable single-patient-use foam positioner for a wide variety of surgical applications.
  • Eliminates risk of cross-contamination and dermatological reaction to cleaning residue.
  • Provides a superior alternative to rolled towels, bandages, blankets, sheets, I.V. bags, etc.
  • Density of foam provides support with reduced risk of pressure-related tissue injury.
  • Texture of foam decreases patient slippage.
  • Flat bottom increases stability.
  • Removable layers provide adjustability.
Providing a Better Way

Consistency and standardization are the keys to patient safety when positioning patients for surgical procedures. Prime Medical’s Universal Positioning Roll safely and reliably supports the patient in multiple positions, bringing standardization to positioning for a wide variety
of surgical procedures.

The design, density and texture of the foam provide stability and support, while the removable bottom layers allow the clinician to adapt the AAR100 to the patient and procedure. Use of the AAR100 eliminates the need for rolled towels, blankets, I.V. bags, etc., which are not positioning devices, or gel rolls which require cleaning between surgical cases.

Because the AAR100 is single-patient-use, the risk of cross-contamination from reusable positioners is eliminated. So, too, is the risk of a dermatological reaction to a cleaning solution residue. By removing the need for a cleaning protocol, patient safety is enhanced and OR time is saved.

The AAR100 is your consistent, safe and universal surgical positioning solution.


Horizontal Scapular Roll: Neck surgery – thyroidectomy, para thyroidectomy, radical neck dissection, internal jugular vein central line placement

aar100 fig 2 onside

Axillary Roll: Lateral positioning – CV/thoracic, orthopaedic, nephrectomy

aar100 roll-neck

Vertical Scapular Roll: Median sternotomy; Subclavian central line placement

aar 100 roll-foot

Foot/Ankle Prop: Podiatric surgery

aar 100 roll-hip

Left Lateral Tilt: Caesarean section

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US Patent # 9,161,642

12.5” long x 4.5” wide x 4.75” high
(.75” tear-away layers)
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Chest Roll Pair

  • Chest Rolls provide Standardization in Prone positioning requiring chest rolls by eliminating the need for rolled towels and other improvised positioning methods.
  • Chest Rolls are adjustable in both length and height by removing the end and bottom portions to provide customized support for a
    wide variety of patient body habitus.
  • Chest Rolls are single patient use to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and help increase room turnover by eliminating cleaning requirements.
  • Chest Rolls offer ease of use for Clinical Staff by providing a lightweight, customizable and bacteriostatic positioning solution.





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Case Pack: 7 Pair

Universal Supine/Prone Positioning Pillow

  • Properly aligns cervical spine in prone position.
  • Use for induction and positioning prone. Adjustable with easy tear-away layers.
  • Soft foam provides support and comfort.
  • Combines the supine induction head cradle and the prone pillow in a single positioner.
  • Trach slits on BOTH sides of the positioner.
Providing a Better Way

The bottom two layers can be removed so the pillow can be used in the supine position for induction. This all-in-one characteristic replaces the need for two pillows, and provides cost savings to both hospital and patient.

Instructions for Use

Key issues when positioning patients prone are maintaining a neutral cervical spine, and protecting the face and eyes. Prime Medical’s Universal Prone Positioning Pillow addresses both of these. This two-part adjustable pillow allows the Anesthesia Provider to adjust the height of the pillow to accommodate patients of different sizes, as well as the use of varying chest support systems.

Universal_Prone-1   Universal_Supine

The ability to decrease the height of the pillow prevents hyper extension of the cervical spine when less bulky chest positioning systems are required. The firm base provides a stable, reliable platform while the soft inserts protect the face and eyes from pressure-related injuries.

Now one pillow….


…does the job of two.


Cost Savings
The bottom two layers can be removed so the pillow can be used in the supine position for induction. This all-in-one characteristic replaces the need for two separate pillows, thus providing cost savings to both the hospital and patient.

USPS100-CIRCLEConvenient adjustment of height with two tear away layers.

US Patent # 9,138,087

9”x 8” x 6.5”
(Height adjusts to 4” or 6.5″, each layer 1.25″)
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Case Pack : 10

Lateral Positioning Pillow

  • Properly aligns the patient’s cervical spine.
  • Channel protects the eye while allowing constant monitoring.
  • Center cutout protects the ear.
  • Pillow angle evenly distributes the weight of the head.
  • Pillow height easily adjusts by removing one to four layers to accommodate each patient.
  • Provides consistency in lateral patient positioning.
Providing a Better Way

Consistency and standardization are the keys to patient safety when placing patients in the lateral position. Prime Medical’s Lateral Positioning Pillow supports the patient’s head for safe, reliable lateral positioning.

This two-part pillow has a firm, adjustable base that is anatomically angled to maintain the cervical spine in a neutral position. The soft-top layer conforms to the patient’s face and evenly distributes the weight of the head throughout the lateral procedure.


The central cutout keeps the ear free of pressure. The patented eye channel allows the provider to constantly monitor the eye pressure to ensure it is free from pressure that could result in catastrophic injury.

The tear-away bottom layers afford the provider the ability to adjust the pillow to patients of varying sizes.


Reliable Spine Alignment

Careful measurements of patients in the lateral position have demonstrated that the width of the shoulders compared to the hips and use of an axillary roll creates a natural angle of the thoracic and cervical spine relative to the horizontal plane of the surgical bed. Prime Medical’s patented Lateral Positioning Pillow reproduces this angle consistently and reliably. Neutral thoracic and cervical spine alignment minimizes the risk of brachial plexus injuries.

Gone are the days of improvised support of the head in patients positioned laterally!

US Patent # 8,516,639

10.5” x 9.5”x 11”
(Height adjusts from 6.5” to 10.5”)

Case Pack : 8
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Head Fixation Pillow for Trendelenburg Positioning

  • Offers cervical spine support and reduces potential for patient injury.
  • Reduces the patient’s amount of intra-ocular pressure relative to the actual degree of Trendelenburg position.
  • Stabilizes shoulders by evenly distributing the patient’s weight and reduces pressure points.
  • Provides better airway maintenance and access of anesthesia providers.

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Case Pack: 3

Adult Head Cradle

  • Single patient use head cradle for anesthesia positioning.
  • Soft foam with appropriate density provides support and reduced pressure to the patient.

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Case Pack : 36

Adult Donut 9”

  • Single patient use 9” donut for anesthesia positioning.
  • Soft foam with appropriate density provides support and reduced pressure to the patient.

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Case Pack : 36

Pediatric Donut

  • Single patient use 7” donut for anesthesia positioning.
  • Soft foam with appropriate density provides support and reduced pressure to the patient.

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Case Pack : 48