PrimePad Anti-Skid O.R. Pad Series IFU

PrimePad Anti-Skid O.R. Pad Series IFU

  • First, ensure the O.R. Mattress is secured to the table.
  • O.R. Mattress must be clean and dry. Place pad on the table, aligning the pad and mattress perineal cutouts. PrimePads are designed to provide maximum O.R. Mattress coverage.
  • Nothing should be placed between O.R. mattress and PrimePad.
  • MAXIMUM patient contact with the pad is key to clinical efficacy.
  • Ensure the Sacrum, Torso and Shoulders are in DIRECT contact with the pad.
  • Minimize lift/draw sheet width to maximize patient contact with the pad.
  • Prefer foam or gel donuts over pillows for intraoperative head positioning, as patients’ shoulders often rest on pillow instead of the pad. If using pillows, ensure shoulders are in contact with pad.
  • Pads with Table Rail Straps Only: The built-in table rail straps should be on the bottom side of the pad. Slide the straps downward between the rail and the table, bring them back up and around the outside of
    the rail, and affix the strap back upon itself securely. Discard after use.


Not made with natural rubber latex

PrimePad-1 Case Pack: 10

PrimePad-1S Case Pack: 10

PrimePad Anti-Skid O.R. Pad with Integrated Arm Tucking and Protection IFU


Instructions for Use

Follow the Instructions For Use for the PrimePad Series of Anti-Skid Pads for installation of the pad on the O.R. Mattress.

Once the patient is properly positioned on the Prime-Pad, a draw sheet is not required to tuck and protect the arms. To allow for 100% patient-to-pad contact, remove the draw sheet and utilize the Wing material to tuck/protect the arms.

To utilize the Wing material for arm tucking and protection, bring the full length of the pad
to the patient’s side to determine how much length is needed. If excess Wing material needs to be removed, simply tear off the un-needed material. The material tears in linear plane, and tearing reduces the need for scissors.

One method for utilizing the Wing material is to have a team member on each side of patient. One team member will slightly “log roll” the patient toward them, while the other team member wraps the patient’s arm in the Wing and then places the end of the Wing under the patient’s torso. Repeat the same steps on the opposite side.

The PrimePad material’s flexibility and high coefficient of static friction provides secure arm tucking and pro-tection without the need for external accessories such as Velcro, straps and draw/lift sheet.

Not made with natural rubber latex