Anesthesia Positioners

Child Lateral Head Positioner

  • Properly Aligns the patient’s cervical spine and provides Standardization in Lateral patient positioning.
  • Channel protects the eye while allowing constant monitoring.
  • Center cutout protects the ear.
  • Pillow evenly distributes the weight of the head.
  • Pillow height easily adjusts by removing any of the bottom layers to accommodate each patient.
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Case Pack: 8

Pediatric Trendelenburg
OR Table Pad

  • 24” x 20” x 1” gel-infused viscoelastic foam pad with anti-skid and pressure reduction properties for a wide variety of applications in
    Pediatric and Children’s facilities.
  • Part of the STP series of O.R. Table Pads used for Trendelenburg, reverse-Trendelenburg and Lateral patient positioning.
  • Latex free, single-patient use and stored in rolled “sleeping bag” form for ease of storage.
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Case Pack: 10

Child Head Cradle

  • Single patient use child head cradle for anesthesia positioning.
  • Soft foam with appropriate density provides support and reduced pressure to
    the patient
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Case Pack: 36

Pediatric Donut

  • Single patient use 7” donut for anesthesia positioning.
  • Soft foam with appropriate density provides support and reduced pressure to the patient.
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Case Pack : 48