Patient Safety Accessories

Patient Safety / Body Straps

  • 2 strap set of soft safety / body straps for use with O.R. table rails in a wide variety of patient positioning scenarios.
  • Single patient use straps accommodate all body types.
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Case Pack : 25 sets

Arm Tucking/Protection Sleeve Pair

  • Sleeves provide 360° padded protection for the arm and hands.
  • Sleeves allow easy access to IV sites for Anesthesia providers.
  • Sleeves easily accommodate blood pressure cuffs and IV tubing.
  • Sleeves are single-patient use and are latex free..
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Case Pack : 3 pair
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Heel Protector Pair

  • Pair of single patient use convoluted foam heel protectors.
  • Soft foam with appropriate density provides support and reduce pressure to the patient.
  • Soft, wide foam straps for ease of use and
    patient safety.
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Case Pack : 36 pair

Perineal Post

  • Relieves pressure in the perineal area during orthopedic fracture cases requiring
    mechanical traction.
  • Single patient use pad provides ease of use and reduced risk of cross contamination.
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Case Pack : 40